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Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks

Even it’s supposed to be a true story. Even though it’s supposed to be written by a real girl, I doubt it was. What kind of girl writes like that? Jebsus.

This book was only a little over two hundred pages. And it’s awful. So awful. I was wondering if girls really thought like that in the 60s’ and sadly, it took me until a quarter of the book.

I don’t know much about drugs. In fact, I don’t know anything about drugs and this makes me wonder if it really just take one sip. One taste. But I will forever wonder.

Don’t do meth kids.

I can’t really hate the main character because GOD….she’s only fourteen. I didn’t write that way at fourteen. I didn’t act moody like that when I was fourteen but I could just be plain wrong. She was UP and DOWN and then UP again.

Oh jebsus.

One more thing….what kind of family is that accepting?


It’s only been a day since I’ve posted about trouble in paradise. There is trouble in my reading world and I’m not sure how to clear it. I can’t make these clouds go away any faster than I’m already trying. I picked up Book Thief again because that is definitely an old favorite. It’s definitely something I would pick up periodically when I’m feeling depressed or just plain bad.

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen is also another book I pick up when I’m feel particularly blue. Maybe that’s what I should pick up.

Trouble in Paradise

And I don’t mean my house. I mean I’m my reading, which is nonexistent at the moment. It’s a sad truth.

I have found reading, lately, doesn’t get me perked up and excited to escape my mundane world. I make excuses not to read and that just won’t work.

I tried to settle down to read a new book and found myself lacking the attention. Even Stephen King’s new novel isn’t doing anything to spark my interest. I was excited to read this book but it’s turning to be a huge disappointment.

Unfortunately, the same goes for Dance of a Dragons. Maybe I’ve just run out of juice. There is just so much grief and war.

Maybe I should go back to an old favorite.

Amazon Kindle bookstore app haul

I decided I didn’t have enough books on my Kindle and I didn’t want to pay money just yet. Amazon has an amazing amount of free books and these are the few I’ve chosen.


Jerusa Phoenix never thought she would experience anything more shocking than being able to see ghosts. Then she met Silvanus. The young man with unearthly eyes, who seems to be able to read her thoughts, is handsome, powerful, and she is sure of one thing: he isn’t human.

But Silvanus isn’t the only mysterious creature to come to town.

Jerusa, ignoring the warnings of her ghost companion, Alicia, finds herself face to face with a group of vampires. Silvanus tries to save Jerusa, but she is wounded in the battle. Silvanus kills one of the vampires, but to all their horror, he rises again to become something far worse . . . a mindless flesh-eater known as a savage.

Jerusa is transformed into a vampire to save her life. Silvanus is poisoned by savage blood and when he vanishes before their eyes, Jerusa realizes something else. Silvanus isn’t a vampire, either.

Jerusa, along with the ghost Alicia, must join with the other blood-drinkers to hunt down and destroy the savage before he can make other savages, proving that she is worthy to be a vampire. As she embarks on this dangerous mission, she can’t help thinking of Silvanus. Where is he? Who is he? What is he?

THE GOLDEN CAGE (A Dance of Dragons #0.5)

In the land of Ourthuro, cruelty is a way of life. The king rules with an iron fist and no one dare defy him–no one except his daughter. Princess Leena is keeping a dangerous secret, she has fallen in love with a soldier and it would mean both of their lives if her father ever discovered their affair.

But Leena will risk it all to be with the man she loves–her heart, her life, her freedom. And when her brother’s birthday celebration takes a dangerous turn, Leena is forced to make a decision that will change the fate of her nation and eventually the world.

THE SHADOW SOUL (A Dance of Dragons #1)

When Jinji’s home is destroyed, she is left with nowhere to run and no one to run to–until she meets Rhen, a prince chasing rumors that foreign enemies have landed on his shores. Masquerading as a boy, Jinji joins Rhen with vengeance in her heart. But traveling together doesn’t mean trusting one another, and both are keeping a deep secret–magic. Jinji can weave the elements to create master illusions and Rhen can pull burning flames into his flesh.

But while they struggle to hide the truth, a shadow lurks in the night. An ancient evil has reawakened, and unbeknownst to them, these two unlikely companions hold the key to its defeat. Because their meeting was not coincidence–it was fate. And their story has played out before, in a long forgotten time, an age of myth that is about to be reborn..


After eighteen years as a political prisoner in the Bastille, the ageing Doctor Manette is finally released and reunited with his daughter in England. There the lives of two very different men, Charles Darnay, an exiled French aristocrat, and Sydney Carton, a disreputable but brilliant English lawyer, become enmeshed through their love for Lucie Manette. From the tranquil roads of London, they are drawn against their will to the vengeful, bloodstained streets of Paris at the height of the Reign of Terror, and they soon fall under the lethal shadow of La Guillotine.


Within his dramatic story are themes that capture the intellect and the emotions: crime and punishment, the relentless persecution of Valjean by Inspector Javert, the desperation of the prostitute Fantine, the amorality of the rogue Th̩nardier and the universal desire to escape the prisons of our own minds. Les Mis̩rables gave Victor Hugo a canvas upon which he portrayed his criticism of the French political and judicial systems, but the portrait which resulted is larger than life, epic in scope Рan extravagant spectacle that dazzles the senses even as it touches the heart.

I think the two books I’m looking forward too the most is Tale of Two Cities and Les Miserables.